J.Syme - Outsider

Starlog JUL.12151.2013

I don’t know how to start this anymore… I am no longer ‘Former Captain Julia Syme’, I have escaped that life.

I stopped writing logs when I joined the ‘ Grounded’, and I don’t intend to start again, but today was different…

I feel it would be poignant for me to write about myself again, first. Reflecting on the recent events in my life seems like a worthwhile endeavor. It has been some time since I made my last flight away from Redsand, and when I returned I disabled and dismantled my ship to the best of my ability.

The ship’s husk is broken apart and buried in the sand, far from the village I now live in. I have spent as much time as possible utilizing my military knowledge as well as the various data my ship had stored in its logs, to help the Grounded lead better lives. Their warriors are far more skilled now, better capable of defending the village from the native life on this planet, and far better prepared to deal with possible hostile invaders.

Some are still skeptical of me, but mostly, the avians have treated me very well. I feel more at home here than I ever did under the Miniknog.

I often go on treks outside the village to find food, useful minerals and metals, and just get a better feel for the planet as a whole. Today, I went on one such trek and discovered a hylotl. It seems the desert was too harsh and dry for him and he passed out.

I brought him home, and he is now sleeping upstairs in my bed…


I have done my best to keep him hydrated and fed. I took away his sword, as I am unsure of his intentions, but I will return it to him after I have a chance to speak with him.

I am quite curious about him, as I am not particularly familiar with hylotls. I hope that he is friendly, it has been some time since I have spoken with someone from off-world. I will not deny my curiosity about what is happening out in the stars.



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