Pale Wanderer - Training

Starlog SHI.12231.2013

My body is weak from the heat and lack of water. Death came for me, but it did not claim me…

I awake in a home. I am unsure why, but I can feel that I have been given water and a place to rest. I try to remember clearly. I came to a desert planet, somewhere in a star system with a great blue star.

The planet is hot and dry, and I cannot withstand it. It is large and I lose myself in the sands. The world begins to fade and then I remember nothing.

Then, I awake. There is another here, unsurprising. An apex woman, garbed in what seems to be garbed in avian clothes. She informs me that she found me while she was exploring and surveying the sands.

She tells me that she escaped her people, and that she is a refugee among the ‘Grounded’. She explains her place here, something like a mercenary and a tactician. She asks me about my story, my people.

As we talk, we decide together that we can learn from each other. She can learn from my meditation and combat form, and I can learn from her military experience and become more capable of surviving the arid heat.

Julia_Training_Shiro.png Blade_Clash.png

I will remain here for a time, and learn what I can from this woman, Julia. One more step on my path.



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