This page will help track changes on the site as I go, and explain more about how and why I am doing things. I may archive older ones if this page starts to get too long.

December 22, 2013

So, as an addendum to my previous update, I’m finding that my lack of lore knowledge and the need for more content in Starbound is going to force me to change things up. I’m going to put FREE’s story on hold for a while and wait until the next update (especially since a character wipe is incoming).

I still have an entry on the backburner for Shiro, and both him and FREE will make a return performance.

I am also having a conflict with my nemesis, naming things… I’m a stickler about my naming conventions, I hope I can find some way to deal with this in the future. I’ve also decided to archive my update log once a month.

So, that’s it for now.

December 17, 2013

The most notable update here is that I added this update page… Yup… So let me explain what I’m doing right now. Currently, I am playing a lot more with FREE than the other characters. I don’t intend, at least anytime soon, for Julia to return to my rotation of main characters, and soon I’ll probably use her to drag Shiro out of the story for bit.

I’m struggling to have an interesting and coherent story, because I don’t want to alter too much of the main Starbound plot, nor do I want to ruin the game too much for myself at this stage in beta. This means that I’m probably going to move pretty slowly with this blog throughout at least the first stage or two of beta.

When I feel comfortable with things, I will try to create a plot for the Beta Generation characters. Depending on the length of the beta of the game, there will probably be a generation between the Beta Generation and the main game’s generation, and since ‘Beta Generation’ is a meta term, I don’t know what I’ll call each gen.

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